Level 2 Paragraph Assessment Test

This assessment test is designed to help determine if a student is ready for Level 2 Paragraph Writing. If a student struggles with either a poor attitude about completing or is lacking the ability to complete this test, then he or she is not ready to use Paragraph Writing.
A student needs to be able to easily complete this test by writing a well written paragraph in less than 45 minutes.
Write 1 descriptive paragraph about one of the listed topics. The ability to follow directions and organize thoughts according to the following guidelines and instructions will determine if you are ready for Level 2 Paragraph Writing.


  • Write a standard outline for your paragraph.
  • The paragraph must have at least 120 words and at the most 230.
  • No contractions.
  • No quotes or dialogue.
  • Easily complete in 40 minutes or less.


Before you write a paragraph, fill in the following information.* Required


Open the calendar popup.

Choose one of the following topics to write about.

Option 1: What is the best place for people to vacation?

Option 2: What are some quality ways to relax after a hard day?

Option 3: What animal is the best companion and why?

Brainstorm information for your paragraph on your own paper. Then, use standard outline formatting to write your own outline from your brainstorm information.

Once you are completely finished writing, click the Submit button at the bottom. You will receive a free evaluation from the creator of The Write Foundation.