Level 2: Paragraph Writing - Suggested Ages: 14-16

When your student automatically, quickly, and easily writes a quality paragraph using the writing process, it is time for them to advance their writing skills. Level 2 Paragraph Writing is designed for students who already confidently use the writing process to write quality paragraphs: brainstorm, outline, rough draft, edit, and final copy. The writing process continues to be developed as students easily advance from a simple paragraph composition to quality multiple paragraph essays. Structure and mechanical requirements for formal essay writing are introduced, encouraged, and incorporated in their writing alongside descriptive writing skills. In the last few lessons of this level students are introduced to and compose a formal 5-paragraph college level essay. 

Paragraph Writing is meant for high school students ages 14-16. This course satisfies high school English requirements.

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  • Develops advanced paragraph writing skills
    • Reviews basic paragraph writing process: brainstorm, outline, rough draft and edit.
    • Develops writing process: progresses to writing 2, 3, and 4-paragraph papers
    • Teaches different writing styles and techniques
    • Develops formal writing skills
    • Introduces the 5-paragraph college level essay
  • Improves sentence structure
    • Develops sentence writing with basic grammar and figures of speech
    • Develops informative yet concise well-structured sentences
    • Develops creative expression
    • Develops how to create a word picture
  • Creative poetry writing
    • Reinforces grammar and figures of speech
    • Develops creative expression
    • Develops how to create a word picture
  • Teacher friendly
    • At home with 1 or more students
    • Co-op friendly
    • Lesson plans formatted in an easy-to-follow system
    • Grading guidelines using student checklists
    • 30 lessons with lesson plans for either a one- or two-year format

Sample Lesson Plans

The Write Foundation has a free reading list for each curriculum level to encourage reading of quality literature.
Free Paragraph Writing Reading List

For a detailed scope and sequence: Syllabus

This level is designed for the student who can write a single paragraph, can follow directions and is beginning to work independently. It teaches how to move from simple paragraph composition to quality multiple paragraph writing.More structure and mechanical requirements are introduced and encouraged, to develop more complex paragraphs, using the writing process.

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A few of the included concepts I’m glad for: grammar, poetry, and outlining. These are areas where our Language Arts has not been very systematic, up to this point. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the helpful writing checklists, that you build upon with your students as you progress through the lessons.Home Sweet Home(school)