No time for grading?

Intimidated about grading?

Need help getting started grading?

Think you may grade too hard or too easy?

Want someone else to hold your student accountable?

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Online Grading Service

Overwhelmed with the thought of grading your students' writing? The Write Foundation offers online grading services.

Need online help grading writing from an experienced writing teacher? Maybe you can teach writing but you need help evaluating your students’ work.

  • You teach the lesson.
  • Your student does the assignment.
  • An experienced teacher grades your student’s writing.
  • Cost per lesson. Multiple lesson discounts available.    

Online grading for The Write Foundation curriculum is now available:

The Write Foundation currently offers online grading. Please contact the grader directly to discuss grading schedule and availability. 

Heather Davis

281-814-9091 (personal)  (classes)

Single paragraph lessons -
$5 single paragraph
$7 for 2 paragraphs from the same lesson
$10 for 2 paragraphs from different lessons

Multiple paragraph papers -
$8 for 2-paragraph papers
$12 for 3-paragraph papers
$16 for 4-paragraph papers
$20 for 5-paragraph papers


"Also, I thought you should know that over the summer I took an SAT Prep Course at U of H. We took a mock exam at the beginning of the course and another at the very end. In both exams my teacher bragged that out of everyone I had the most impressive essay (also receiving the highest score)! :) I was very proud and VERY thankful to you. I have learned so much over the last three years!" Georgia O.