Teaching a Writing System

Why do so many students hate to write? Why do many homeschool moms fear teaching writing? Why can’t you just give your students a topic and say “just write the way you talk” or “write what you feel”? Creative writing can be fun, so why does formal writing cause panic? How do homeschool students prepare for taking college entrance exams when writing essays seems so overwhelming? Is there a read and teach writing curriculum that any homeschool mom can use easily to effectively teach formal writing skills? Where do you start teaching writing?

Most kids fear writing because it is an abstract concept;

there is not an answer for them to memorize.

The Write Foundation curriculum guides teachers and students step-by-step to develop advanced writing skills. Your students’ writing will improve as they progress through a series of lessons that teach the writing process and structure. They are required to note thoughts (various brainstorm techniques), organize the brainstorm (standard outline), and then write a paper using that outline structure. Your students will master writing fundamentals while learning to write concisely and incorporate better vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure in their essays.

The Write Foundation makes writing concrete. Most people fear writing as an abstract concept. Students learn foundational writing skills working with easier to grasp concrete concepts. Lessons take things step-by-step. Your students learn a concrete writing system from the beginning enabling them to later easily incorporate higher level abstract thinking in their writing. Concrete ground work prepares students to grasp higher level abstract concepts.

The Write Foundation teaches writing organization. Students are taught how to use writing tools that work. They learn the writing process so well it becomes second nature to them when they approach writing any paper. They learn how to structure single and multi-paragraph papers so they make sense.

Without an organizational system, students will experience painful frustration when attempting to write.

The Write Foundation teaches a writing system that works. Students learn the writing process so well that by the end of level 3, their brain automatically processes topics into compositions that are well organized making writing even college level essays a simple task. They also learn how to use structure to easily organize their compositions. The structures used in the lessons are not the only way to organize writing, but students learn how to write using a structure which gives them the foundation where they can easily write using other structures.

For some the process of learning basics may seem pointless, but learning the writing process and structure are foundational for upper level writing. In math, memorizing basic math facts lays a foundation for harder concepts. When simple division or algebra is attempted before addition, subtraction and multiplication facts are mastered, frustration and failure will follow. The same is true for writing. Without an organizational system, students will experience painful frustration when attempting to write.

With the Write Foundation students learn a system they will use throughout life. Use your valuable teaching time to teach your children a love for learning by giving them the tools they need to succeed. Give them the gift of a solid concrete writing foundation.

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