The Write Foundation Introduction

The following guides give you a good idea of what to expect when you work with and teach The Write Foundation curriculum. The guides contain most of the information from the Introduction, which comes at the start of each instruction manual, but the attached pdf Introduction also contains some definitions that are not included in the guide formats.

How to Teach Writing with The Write Foundation 

Take 30 minutes to familiarize yourself with the curriculum with the 5 guides below. These will help you understand TWF teaching system and style.

Dive into teaching, and once you get the rhythm of the lessons, they become a read-and-teach format. Then, you will quickly reach a point where you can just glance over a lesson and teach it.

General Writing Instruction Video Helping Students with Independent Work Videos Planning and Scheduling Videos Supplies and Notebooks Basic Teaching Tools

What will it do for me? Lesson by lesson your student will quickly build an impressive vocabulary bank. He will do the work. You will direct. He will write descriptive sentences - he will be able to accurately and precisely describe what he has seen and experienced on paper. If you are like me - used to packaged curriculum where the student reads the instruction and gets to it - it will mean stepping in to be a part of that experience to a level that might be uncomfortable at first. Especially for my Nate - as he enters courses that will require more of both of us - I recommend The Write Foundation as a great start! - and if you are uncomfortable wondering if you are piecing the plan together well - they do offer tutors on line to help you grade/test/hold accountable!Angie, Pebblekeeper