Supplies and Notebooks for The Write Foundation

A few Supplies and Notebooks are necessary to easily use The Write Foundation. The following lists are included in the curriculum. Gather the Student Supplies before you start and store with or in the

  • Student Notebook: Students will need a 3 ring binder. Spiral notebooks are insufficient.
  • Teacher Notebook: It is also handy for the teacher to use a notebook to store things.

Student Supplies:

  • A 3-ring binder (2 to 3 inches) is recommended.
  • TWF Student Worksheets, one set comes when you purchase a complete level of 30 lessons.
  • Put some loose leaf notebook paper in front of the tabs in the 3-ring binder.
  • Store pens or pencils within the student notebook to avoid wasting time looking for one.
  • 6 different colors of highlighters are needed. You may combine colors to create more such as blue and pink make purple.
  • 8 notebook divider tabs should be labeled and used. Make sure students use these to stay organized.
  • Keep a thesaurus & dictionary on hand. The thesaurus will become a close friend.

Student Notebooks: Instructions on how to set up the student notebooks are included in the first lesson of each level but may be organized before then. Check the website sample lesson 1 for the following instructions.

Organize Notebook 8 tabs

  1. Under the 1st tab, keep the current student Assignment and papers and notes of their current independent work for easy use and reference as students complete their independent work.
  2. Store the current Checklists under the 2nd tab for editing independent work where they can easily be found to use every lesson.
  3. As Word Lists are introduced in lessons store them under the 3rd tab because several will be used repeatedly throughout the course
  4. Store other Lesson Notes from the teaching instruction under the 4th tab.
  5. Keep the Reading List and a list of books your students read for credit in this course under the next tab
  6. Behind the 5th tab save their Graded Work, paragraphs & poetry, to look back and see progress
  7. Store the first 15 lessons of Worksheets in the student notebook and the other half in the teacher notebook until you are ready for the next 15 lessons.
  8. Mind Benders® are optional so the last tab is also optional. Mind Benders® are discussed in more depth under in the instruction manuals and the pdf link on the TWF website.

Additional Resources have the pages for the Teacher Notebook. These come in digital format so they can be accessed on the computer and printed as needed. Keep any printed pages organized in your teacher notebook.

  • It helps to keep extra copies of student Checklists handy in case one happens to disappear.
  • Detailed Grading Record charts are provided for the teacher who needs to keep records. Use what you need. Not everyone will need to use everything offered.
  • A Grading System is provided which are copies of the student checklists with a suggested point system to help make it easier for you to grade writing.
  • You may purchase Teacher Presentation (TP) pages on 3-hole punched paper by sending a special request email to The Write Foundation if you want paper copies already printed for you. Or you may print the pages directly from your Additional Resource folder which you will receive after you purchase your curriculum. The teacher presentation pages are optional. How to teach using or not using the teacher presentation pages is explained on another video. (200+ pages)
  • Have your students help prepare Games prior to starting the curriculum. These games are used in lesson 15 and then again in lessons 25 – 30, and can also be used to take a break from the regular routine. Not all the games must be printed because for the most part, you will select the games you want to play. You might want to select one to play while you are waiting for your curriculum to arrive. Some games are only a couple of pages to print, while games with word cards are multiple pages. Store word cards in plastic bags and/or zipper pencil pouches and the other pages in the Teacher Notebook.
  • Miscellaneous Lists – tab can be used to store any other pages that you print.

TWF teaches more than just how to write because it takes more than just putting words on paper to be able to write well. Students learn how to get and stay organized with their materials and with their writing.

I hope you enjoy using TWF and experience the same amazing results I have seen with hundreds of students I have taught using this system.

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