Mind Benders®

The focus of The Write Foundation is to teach students how to think logically by processing and organizing information, resulting in effective written communication. Many students have difficulty breaking down a project into bite-sized pieces, because they lack organizational skills.

Mind Benders® are one piece of the puzzle to hasten the development of processing, logical thinking and organizational skills. Working the puzzles trains the student to think logically. Be warned: most students absolutely love doing Mind Benders®. You can find Mind Benders® books the cheapest through Amazon.com. The use of Mind Benders® is optional. Yes, it is an additional investment of approximately $10 per book, but it is worth the investment.

As of February 2011, Critical Thinking changed their book numbering system and combined Mindbender® books, thus lowering their prices. Each book now contains 30 problems.

education at home homeschool studentFor Sentence to Paragraph Writing, purchase:

  • Mind Bender® Book 3

For Paragraph Writing, purchase:

  • Mind Bender® Book 4

For Essay Writing, purchase:

  • Mind Bender® Book 5

In my classes, I opted one year not to include Mind Benders®. Students were fit to be tied. They absolutely love the challenge of Mind Benders®. Mind Benders® are optional, but work quite effectively to develop organizational skills in a challenging way.

The Write Foundation immediately won big bonus points as they used Mind Benders are part of their lessons. My boys both love Mind Benders and thought that if they helped you write, then this was the writing program for them. Deanna, Ridgeland, Mississippi