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    Correcting Run-on Sentences

    When 2 or more sentences are written as 1 sentence, it is a run-on sentence. Two or more sentences run together being written as 1 sentence is also called a comma splice.           Run-on Sentence: The ball was rolling down the hill, it was heading for the lake.           Run-on Sentence: The raccoons were waiting for their chance, they wanted the leftover cat food for their dinner.

    How Does Skipping the Writing Process Affect your Writing?

    Why spend all that time brainstorming, outlining, and pre-writing? Many student writers think they are speeding up the writing process by not brainstorming and or not outlining. Many student writers attempt to quickly write a paragraph in one “easy” step and fail. Many student writers become discouraged because they do not understand how to easily write better papers.

    How to Teach Essay Writing

    Don't just throw your homeschooled-student into formal essay crafting. Focus on sentence structure and basic  paragraph composition before moving to more complicated formal essay composition.  Are you a competent essay writer? Even if you know how to write an essay, chances are you are dreading the coming years of teaching homeschool writing.

    Developing Writing Skills

    What do you do when your child fights you when you try to teach them how to write? Why do students struggle writing essays? Is there a way to teach paragraph and essay writing that is not so overwhelming for students and teachers? Will your students ever master high school and college level essay writing? Many children shut down and refuse to work.

    Teaching a Writing System to your Homeschooler

    Why do so many students hate to write? Why do many homeschool moms fear teaching writing? Why can’t you just give your students a topic and say “just write the way you talk” or “write what you feel”? Creative writing can be fun, so why does formal writing cause panic?

    Teaching Essay Writing

    Are you overwhelmed with the idea of teaching formal essay writing? Even when using some highly rated homeschool writing curriculum, many homeschooling moms are overwhelmed when they attempt to teach formal writing that prepares students for high school writing and college level writing.

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