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    Correcting Run-on Sentences

    When 2 or more sentences are written as 1 sentence, it is a run-on sentence. Two or more sentences run together being written as 1 sentence is also called a comma splice.           Run-on Sentence: The ball was rolling down the hill, it was heading for the lake.           Run-on Sentence: The raccoons were waiting for their chance, they wanted the leftover cat food for their dinner.

    How Does Skipping the Writing Process Affect your Writing?

    Why spend all that time brainstorming, outlining, and pre-writing? Many student writers think they are speeding up the writing process by not brainstorming and or not outlining. Many student writers attempt to quickly write a paragraph in one “easy” step and fail. Many student writers become discouraged because they do not understand how to easily write better papers.

    Is My Child Ready for Formal Writing?

    Will your homeschoolers ever be able to write a paragraph that does not ramble? Will they ever be able to write with structure and style? When do you begin to teach formal writing? When are your homeschool students ready to learn how to logically organize their abstract thoughts to write paragraphs? When are they ready to learn how to write essays and skillfully communicate? Creating Sentences

    Teaching Spelling

    Writing and spelling go hand in hand. Help your student be a better writer by helping them be a better speller. Students need to learn about phonics, root words, prefixes, suffixes, and homonyms before and while becoming a confident fluent writer. If they struggle to spell words correctly, they will struggle to write. 

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