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    Graduating Homeschooling

    For many homeschoolers the GED® is NOT THE MEASURE of the education they have received, BUT IT IS THE TICKET they need to the gain entrance to universities and colleges, particularly here in South Africa. It is fast becoming very popular as an alternative school leaving certificate. Homeschooling is comparatively new in our country and homeschoolers are still fighting to earn the reputation at universities that Americans have already achieved.

    College Preparation for Homeschooled Students

    Fitting your unique child into a standardized world. More than 500,000 teens are home educated across the U.S. today. Many homeschooled students will apply to colleges and universities. Some colleges have special requirements for homeschooled students. Contact colleges where your student may be interested in applying.

    High School Transcript for the Homeschooler

    Telling a parent of a homeschooled teen that they need to prepare a high school transcript can be equivalent to yelling ‘fire!’ in a movie theater – panic ensues. While a high school transcript may be a necessity, it is not impossible, and can be quite easy if you keep good records as your child progresses.

    How to Calculate GPA for your Homeschooler

    As homeschooled teens progress through the high school years, many homeschooling parents ask questions about grade point averages. How valid are grade point averages for homeschoolers? How are these crazy numbers calculated? How do I figure out what my homeschooler’s grade point average (GPA) is? What is the difference between yearly GPAs and cumulative GPAs?

    Should my Homeschooled Child get a GED or a Diploma?

    Should my Homeschooler get a GED to prove high school graduation? Remember that your homeschooler can fit into a standardized world, even if it's just to get in and break through it. Many homeschool parents, even if they have been homeschooling for years, begin to get antsy as high school comes to an end and their children’s grades and the parent’s teaching comes under scrutiny.

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