GED or Diploma?

Should my Homeschooler get a GED to prove high school graduation?

Remember that your homeschooler can fit into a standardized world...even if it's just to get in and break through it.

Many homeschool parents, even if they have been homeschooling for years, begin to get antsy as high school comes to an end and their children’s grades and the parent’s teaching comes under scrutiny of more outsiders’ eyes. Questions about diplomas, transcripts, GPAs, and college applications start swirling around what is a legal academically stable structure. Self-confidence begins to wane, sending flailing parents across the internet in hopes of finding validation of the last four years of their child’s schooling at home.

Parents, freeze. Remember why you started homeschooling. Remember why you have stuck with it. Remember the pep-talks you have given yourself – you can teach this child, you can provide a better education. Why should your confidence falter when college comes rolling around? While you may feel there is nothing standard about your family, your homeschooler can fit into a standardized world (even if it’s just to get in and break through it).

Don’t rely on a GED

Yes, you can run out and have your homeschooled teen take a GED, and they will probably pass with flying colors. In fact, GEDs are often taken in order to eliminate high school attendance requirements, lessening the record keeping burden on home educators to comply with compulsory attendance laws in every state. But is that what you and your teen have been working for? The tutorial advantages of home schooling do so much more for a child’s education, so it is sad to see parents selling their student’s education short by opting for a GED.

A GED symbolizes street smarts. It also symbolizes "high school dropout".

A GED symbolizes education in a way that is equivalent with “street smarts.” A GED says that someone can think for themselves and has a general knowledge of life. It also symbolizes “high school dropout.” A GED is not equal to a high quality education; it is a replacement for not graduating high school.

A High School Diploma is a worthy reward

A diploma and high school transcript symbolize a disciplined academic pursuit seen to completion. It is an accomplishment, not just a measure of ability. Don’t shy away from awarding your teen a high school diploma even when it seems easier to go the GED route. It’s easier to send them to public schools too, but you chose to homeschool.

Check with for valuable information on awarding a high school diploma.

Your children and your family are unique and your reasons for homeschooling are your own. Homeschooling is a legal viable method of education. Do not short change your students’ hard work and accomplishments by acquiring a GED instead of awarding a diploma. Completing your children’s education through the high school years in home education is cause for celebration. Celebrate a job well done with a worthy reward.

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