Course Selection AssistanceLet's get writing

Do you need help deciding which course level is right for your student? The appropriate writing course for your student depends on your student’s reading level and writing maturity which takes into account his/her previous writing experience and current writing habits and abilities.

You probably have a good idea of your child’s strengths and weaknesses. The following lists are mini-evaluations to help guide you. Not every item is listed that is covered in each level, but the primary items are listed. 

Read/work your way through the levels to help you determine which level is best for your student. If you are hesitant about an item check it anyway.

After you read through the lists if you are still confused as to which level is right for your student, then have your student take the Free Assessment Test for the level you think is correct and I will evaluate his/her writing abilities.

When you select a level, if your student is in the younger end of the suggested ages, you might want to consider taking the level at a slower up to 2 years pace.

Check all that apply. If you are unsure about an item, just check it anyway.